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Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Spending the day working from local cafes we have become familiar with drinking coffee for convenience. Hoping the barista doesn't kick us off the wifi we order one more caffeine kick to buy us an extra hour (at least!), and by home-time, we're buzzing.

☕ 'How many calories are in a latte?'

☕ 'How many espresso shots are in an americano?'

☕ 'How much caffeine did I have?'

☕ 'Do we have ice cream? I'd love an affogato'

Medium Roast Coffee Beans

At Caffeine Kick we work to provide free & accurate caffeine content to coffee lovers, by breaking down every brew into step-by-step recipes.

Our mission is to create how-to guides for making every espresso drink at home as well as answer all your burning coffee questions.

Whether you're a frappe fanatic or caffeine conscious we offer easy (and healthy!) alternatives to the common cafe coffee.

Helping choose the best brew for you.

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